Pain Free Dentistry

No more excuses - you can have excellent dental health without the pain

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Tooth Whitening

Whiter teeth in a single visit - and they'll stay that way

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White Fillings

Black mercury based fillings are a thing of the past. We can replace old dental work.

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Replace badly broken and missing teeth with trouble free inserts

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Smile Makeovers

Create a smile people remember

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Dental Hygienist

Prevent dental problems before they occur

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Dental Therapist

Minchinbury No Gap Dental now offers the services of a dental therapist, whom will examine and treat diseases of the teeth in pre-school, primary and secondary school children.

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Mouth Guards

Minchinbury No Gap Dentists’ recommends a mouth guard to be worn where there is a possibility of direct contact with the face, these includes sports such as football, soccer, netball or cricket.

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Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are made by our Prosthesis to replace any lost or removed natural teeth. Dentures can replace all teeth or just a few that are missing.

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Welcome to Minchinbury No Gap Dental

Our practice is open and have taken extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of patients.

On arrival our patients will be screened prior to their appointment. When you visit we will take your temperature and ask you to fill out a questionnaire. We continue to offer dental service to patients who do not have symptoms of the flu or not at risk of Covid-19.

Our practice is taking the necessary steps to strengthening our already high standard of infection control. Whilst we are confident in the protocol we have implemented, we are happy to reschedule any existing appointments you may already have. Please contact our friendly staff for more information or to make a booking.

Call 02 9832 2822